Project overview

North Shore Explorers

Project Details

 North Shore Explorers was a brand new company when we first met them in 2015.  As an advancing brand in the Hawaii tourism industry, we were excited to develop creative new ways to gain visibility for their growing business.  The initial steps of our marketing strategy for NSE included logo development, print brochures as well as establishing an online platform for customers to interact with their business.  Over the years, they have grown to a thriving business serving hundreds of Hawaii visitors & locals daily and boosting their rankings amongst other recreational tourism companies in Hawaii. 

Project Timeline

Website Completed: July 2015 
SEO & Analytics: July 2015 to Current
Website Maintenance: July 2015 to Current
Social Media & Blog Content: July 2015 to Current
Social Media Marketing: July 2015 to Current

Marketing Strategy

•Brand Development
•Web Design & Development
•Website Maintenance
•SEO & Analytics
•Social Media Marketing
•Blog Content
•Search Engine Marketing
•Print Advertising

Our marketing strategy incorporated a creative mix of print and digital marketing approaches that would provide an engaging experience for potential customers and advance NSE’s visibility and reach.  Our initial marketing efforts centered on creating a brand identity with complementary imagery and colors that would integrate the outdoorsy and adventurous spirit of the North Shore Explorers company.  We worked closely with the NSE team to develop an online experience consistent with the energy and uniqueness of their business – ensuring they stand out amongst their industry competitors.  It was agreed that featuring their most popular services on their website such as the Lunar Legends Lagoon Tour at the PCC and Segway Tours at the Turtle Bay Resort would highlight the types of exploration adventures that they have to offer.  With the use of bright and vibrant images and videos offered by North Shore Explorer’s media team, we were able to spotlight the thrill and excitement of their unique services and create a flow which showcases the spirit of adventure at the core of their company vision! 

After establishing the NSE brand identity and web platform, part two of our marketing strategy focused on getting more eyes on their business. We networked with tourism related businesses across the state to create affiliated partnerships that would give NSE the visibility they needed.  Additionally, we worked with online SEO tools such as Google analytics and Google local to boost search engine rankings of popular organic search terms like “Hawaii Activities” , “Things To Do In Hawaii” and more.  We also focused on optimizing the user experience of their web platform by utilizing easy-to-use booking tools, employing methods to ensure a smooth navigation and flow of the website and creating enjoyable and useful content for customer engagement.  Over the years, we have used feedback and data to revise our strategies according to the company’s changing needs and demographic and we continue to see upward growth through our sustained marketing efforts.   

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