Project overview

CrossFit Hawaii

Project Details

In our early meetings with CrossFit Hawaii, we immediately picked up on the close ties between CrossFit Hawaii and their members.  The company had an existing blog through which communication was maintained with members, but they were in the process of rebranding, restructuring and expanding their business and we felt privileged to be apart of the process.  

Project  Timeline

Website Completed: June 2016
SEO: June 2016 to Current
Website Maintenance: June 2016 to Current
Blog Maintenance: June 2016 to Current

Marketing Strategy

• Website Re-design
• Website & Blog Maintenance

The re-design of their website incorporated a re-branding of their name, logo and strategies that would put them at the top of the rankings amongst CrossFit gyms throughout Hawaii.  The original name of the company was Hardass Fitness. However, upon realizing the benefits of gaining visibility through their CrossFit Hawaii name, the transition over to their new branding was made.  We worked closely with the CrossFit Hawaii team to ensure their website strongly aligned with their company’s vision and goals and involved the heart of their business which was to provide a personal environment and positive experience for their crossfit patrons.  

Our SEO and analytics strategy included utilizing tools such as Google Local to get CrossFit Hawaii to the top of google search rankings in the Honolulu area.  We also utilized analytics data to analyze the marketing trends of the health and fitness industry and to specifically zoom in on key target audiences.  Through these resources we were able to successfully drive up the rankings and ultimately the visibility of the CrossFit Hawaii name.  CrossFit Hawaii continues to experience a substantial increase in patrons and visitors to their gym.

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